Getting a VA Home Loan Offer Accepted Isn’t Harder with Mike Villano


Mike Villano, I’m with Veterans Lending Group and today I just want to take a moment to chat with you guys about some of the challenges you could have when submitting a VA offer as opposed to a Conventional or FHA. Sadly this is true and what I find is that typically it comes back to someone not being educated on what the product is.

Some of the things that have held up these deals in the past like low appraisals, additional fees or charges, property conditions, things like that. The truth of the matter is that most of my VA appraisals actually come back where they need to be if not above, more of the time than my FHA or Conventional appraisals do. Anymore property condition and additional fees are really not an issue. So yes it is true the VA is a little bit more specific when looking for safety issues in an appraisal, but really that is the end of it that is where it stops. So a lot of times many of these things can be overcome by reaching out and educating the listing office or the buyer, and if you need any help on that please feel free to reach out have a great day.

Brooke Villano

Brooke Villano

Regional Branch Manager

Mike Villano

Mike Villano

Branch Manager

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