Financing Closing Costs into your VA Home Loan with Kaitlin Miller


Hey there, Kaitlin Miller with Veteran’s Lending Group here, and today I wanted to share some helpful information that you may not know about VA home loans. Today I’m busting the myth that you cannot finance closing costs into your purchase. While technically not considered “financed”, there is a way for your fees to essentially be rolled into your purchase. The way to structure this would be to offer a slightly increased purchase price to the seller and ask that they give that difference back to you as a seller credit. For example, your $200,000 purchase becomes a $205,000 purchase and the seller credits back $5,000 towards your closing costs – essentially allowing closing costs to be wrapped into your total loan amount.

The coolest part about this is that VA loans do not specifically state a maximum amount that a seller can pay towards buyers closing costs AND allows for a seller to provide additional concessions to you to help pay off debt or buy down your interest rate. If you have questions about this aspect of your VA loan benefit, or any other questions, give us a call!

Kyle Johnson

Kyle Johnson

Sales Manager, Loan Officer

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