Happy Military Appreciation Month


I don’t think anyone really understands what it’s like to be an active Military service member or married to one until they are living it. For some, that’s all they dream about. The exciting adventures they could have around the globe, new life experiences, the sense of security it can give, and job security for their spouse.

However, underneath all that which glitters, there are all the difficult things that Military spouses don’t talk about.

For example, having a family is a life changing experience. I’m sure regardless of how prepared we think we are, we could always be MORE prepared. Now, imagine starting your family, or being pregnant with your first born in a different country.

You’re thousands of miles from your trusted support network and home town, using different currency in a completely different culture and time zone. How are you feeling now?

Living this kind of life will have its ups and downs, as will any path we choose to go down in life. You make the choices you do, and just try to make the best out of whatever situation you are put in. It will no doubt mean you are moving every few years, building new relationships with co-workers, and making new friends.

You then have to pay a fortune to keep your beloved fur babies with you at all costs. You may run into issues with where to call home. Some of these issues include: the stress of finding a place to live, on base or off base, renting or buying.

You’ll need to get passes to access the base, and make sure everyone knows where you now live. You’ll have to deal with getting the whole family enrolled into the new school system, TRICARE, and daycare.

You’re tackling all of this while the Active Duty Spouse (or both of you if Mil-Mil) gets about 2 minutes to themselves before having to immediately report to work.

Chances are you may still be living out of a suitcase with 5 people sharing a bathroom. Doesn’t sound like you’re living the dream the way you expected to!

At Veterans Lending Group we get it–life can be challenging. But it doesn’t have to always be as stressful as some of the stories we have heard! We appreciate all that the Military has done to strengthen us. It has made us honor our core values to try and alleviate the stress that comes with finding your home.

We strive to create a relationship so you have a friendly face to greet you when you come to the area. There are some other great local Military organizations that we can help you and your family get in contact with.

We can refer you for assistance with a whole variety of topics such as: financial planning, career building, and childcare.

This is our moment to say a big thank you for all you do. Not just for us, but for serving the country and doing all you do. We will continue to work hard, and use our knowledge to keep you informed. Our goal is to prove that you made the right decision when trusting us with your family’s future.

Happy National Military Appreciation Month, thank YOU for your service!

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