Those Moments That Matter..

These Moments that Matter

May is Military Appreciation Month! We have loved hearing from our Military friends. We’re sharing your stories of what it means to you to be a part of such a special community.

Brandi is a Military Spouse who is overseas in Europe with her family. Her husband is Active Duty Army and their family is currently living the Military Life with a tour in Germany. With National Military Appreciation Day being Friday May 10th, we wanted to share Brandi’s words. She captures the real essence of what it’s like to have a family life that feels constantly on the move. Her story tells how we don’t always realize where our influences come from until those moment we reflect on.

“A picture can truly speak to you and symbolize so much without any words. While walking along the Rhine River we spotted patches of dandelions, and naturally Alannah wants to pick them. Little does she know this flower has come to symbolize her and most of her friends with so much figuratively in common.

I admire the bravery and resilience in Alannah daily, whether we are making a big move, on vacation, or simply just playing at a new playground. She gets excitement in the opportunity to make new friends and enjoys their company in the moment. She knows we may not stay in one place for long, but we lay down our roots almost anywhere. Home is where our hearts are and he key to survival is adapting.”

“Her spirit is contagious and impossible to destroy, and no matter the storm coming our way she lets the wind carry her to new adventure, new lands and new friends.”

“Just last week Alannah was asking at what age she could drink soda or walk somewhere on her own. We jokingly told her 18, she says when I am 18, I am going to walk to the PX and buy a soda and drink it! Nathan says, “maybe you can go to the mall with your friends”, she says “no Dad, the PX”. Moments like these remind us how deeply we live within the military culture when normal to our child are words such as the PX, Commissary, or “do you have your ID to get back on post?”.

This life is challenging at times and expects a lot from families. At the end of the day there is no community like it and I am proud to not only be the mother of a military brat but the wide of a soldier who so humbly serves.”

We would like to send a huge thank you to Brandi and her family, for their service, their sacrifices and for sharing such special words which will resonate with us.

Photo Credit: Janelle Botts

Brandi Mckeown
Loan Officer
Spouse (U.S. Army)
NMLS 2071083

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