Motivation Monday with SEAC(R) John Wayne Troxell: Book Recommendation – Grow or Die!

Hey folks! SEAC(R) John Wayne Troxell, here and this is your Motivation Monday by Veterans Lending Group. Hey I’m going to give you a little motivational message based off of some books again like I did a couple of weeks ago, and the key books I want to talk about today are first of all Thoughts of a Philosophical Fighter Pilot, by Admiral Jim Stockdale – Medal of Honor recipient and former POW for 7.5yrs, and then based off of the stoic philosophy that he focused on while he was a prisoner two other books that focus on Epictetus, a former Roman Empire era slave who went on to be a stoic philosopher, and the two books that I read is ‘How To Be Free’ translated by A.A. Long, and then ‘The Art of Living” by Epictetus.

All of us in our Military careers will face adversity at some time or another. Some of us multiple times will face adversity whether it’s in combat or in business when it’s up against the competition or something. I will tell you, there was a period of my career or for six months I was suspended as the SEAC and all I had was just to wait time for the investigation to complete and everything before I was reinstated and it would have been easy for me to be emotional or to make emotional decisions like retire, but I chose to remain calm and past that time with dignity respect and honor.

A great friend of mine turned me on to this book by Admiral Stockdale and talked about having a stoic philosophy and how to be calm in the face of everything that bad that’s going around you. Now think of Stockdale –  Prisoner of War for 7.5yrs, tortured, meant to try and disrespect his country and rat on his fellow POWs and he chose to remain stoic in each how you chose to remain professional. And he talks about Epictetus in here where Epictetus went from being a slave to go on and be a stoic philosopher. So in order for us to continue to deal with adversity I think we need to approach life and approach that adversity with a sense of stoicism and I’ll give you a just a quick quote from Admiral Stockdale in this book here that really meant a lot to me and I quote, “Epictetus tells people of all centuries what I’ve come to believe in this truth. That the essence of yourself, your inner self, is totally what you make it. Your moral purpose is of your own making. You’re good and you’re evil are of your own making and so it is with your deliverance and your destruction no passing the buck”.

You want to read good books about being a stoic, pick up this one by Admiral Stockdale or read about a Epictetus. Have a great week everybody! Boom!

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