Motivation Monday with SEAC(R) John Wayne Troxell: How To Get Opportunities.

Hey folks, SEAC(R) John Wayne Troxell here and this is your Motivation Monday brought to you by Veterans Lending Group.

Hey, I want to talk to you about something today that all of us appreciate – and that’s opportunity. Whether you’re transitioning out of the Military or you’re in the business or corporate world and you’re looking to move up and grow and develop, opportunity is something we’re constantly looking for. But how do we get opportunity?

First and foremost, it’s what is our reputation? What do others think of us? And does my reputation translate into a marketable personal brand that will be attractive for promotion or attractive to other businesses and corporations? And then what are the knowledge, skills, and attributes I possess? And are they clearly defined through recent evaluations or on my resume? Then last but not least, what kind of network have I built? Am I using professional social media sites like LinkedIn, or am I exchanging business cards with other like-minded professionals at social events or business gatherings or whatever?

The bottom line is, the best way to get opportunity is to take your marketable personal brand, combine it with clearly defined knowledge, skills, and attributes and a robust network. And you will have multiple opportunities to reach your professional and personal goals.

Have a great week, everybody! Boom!

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