Motivation Monday with SEAC(R) John Wayne Troxell: Self Growth!

Hey, folks, SEAC(R) John Wayne Troxell here and this is your Motivation Monday brought to you by Veterans Lending Group.

I want to talk to you today about something that’s absolutely critical to personal growth and development, and that’s conducting self reflections. A Self-Reflection can be meditation or it can be some serious thought about your character, your actions or your motives. Now, what are indicators that a self reflection may be necessary? It could come from verbal or non-verbal cues from your teammates that what you’re doing or what you’ve done may not be fitting in well with the team. It could come through constructive criticism from seniors, peers and subordinates, but it should be a part of your normal rhythm of events to assess your overall value to the team and your performance.

What should you include in the self reflection? You got to be specific – what’s not going right, or what do you need to get fixed to improve your performance? You’ve got to be realistic on how you get after it and fix the challenges you may have. You’ve got to be accountable for them! You’ve got to you can’t fix blame on somebody else. You’ve got to take the blame yourself. You’ve got to be positive that the outcomes are going to make it all right and you’re going to continue to get better. And last but not least, you got to be understanding.

Cut yourself some slack sometimes, we’re all humans. We make mistakes. So you want to be a better member of the team and are a better leader? Include self reflections as a part of your normal rhythm to get after personal growth and development.

Have a great week, everybody. Boom!

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