Motivation Monday with SEAC(R) John Wayne Troxell: Sequential & Simultaneous Task Management!

Hey Folks, SEAC(R) John Wayne Troxell well here, and this is your Motivation Monday brought to you by Veterans Lending Group.

Today let’s talk the differences between Sequential and Simultaneous Task Management. Sequential task management is absolutely essential sometimes in business and in the Military. You have to perform and complete certain tasks in and order to accomplish the overall plan and mission.

But not all the times it has to be that way, and sometimes when we focus on going step by step in a sequential order it can create a loss of momentum in organizational efficiency and it can also stifle discipline initiative within an organization. The idea is to build simultaneous task management into the organization. That means accomplishing multiple tasks at the same time or with the exact coincidence. And how do you do that? Through demonstrated excellence of sequential task in building organizational agility into the team that will allow them to balance different kinds of missions.

So you want to build a high performing team had the discipline to know when you have to do sequential task management, but also have the organizational savvy to know that you can get after simultaneous task management in order to build and grow the organization.

Have a great week everybody! Boom!

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