motivation monday with seac(r) john wayne troxell: get on the offense!

Hey folks, SEAC(R) John Wayne Troxell here and this is your Motivation Monday brought to you by Veterans Lending Group.

You know, there’s an old saying in professional football that offense wins games, but defense wins championships. But in when it comes to business or the Military, I don’t think it’s that way. Now certainly in order to protect yourself, your assets or your position, you certainly have to have a strong defense in place to make sure you don’t lose what you already have. But in order to defeat a competition or an enemy threat or whatever it is out there, you have to go on the offensive.

How do you do that? First of all, you’ve got to make sure you have the assets in place that will allow you to take to the offensive and give you a great opportunity of winning, whether that’s against the competition in business or against an enemy threat. Second, you have to execute prudent risk on how to get after this to make sure that you’re minimizing the losses that you could take in competition or in combat and also continue to protect the assets you already have that you’re defending. And last but not least, don’t panic! Bad things happen to good people, good businesses or good units. And it’s not that bad things are happening to you, but how do you take a weakness or a threat and turn it into a strength or an opportunity that will allow you to overcome it? And win against the competition or the threat out there.

So the bottom line is you’ve got to have a great defensive posture to protect what you have. But in order to truly defeat the competition or a threat, you’ve got to go on the offensive and confident that you can fight and win regardless of what it is.

Hey, happy Veterans Day out there to all of the veterans that have served. Have a great week, everybody.

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