Hey, folks, I’m SEAC(R) John Wayne Troxell here, and this is your Motivation Monday brought to you by Veterans Lending Group.

I want to talk to you today about a critical component of any high performing organization, whether that’s in the military or business, and that’s Effective Communication. Effective communication exists when the information and processes are fully understood, acknowledged and complied with within the organization, and it’s a seamless process.

Now, communication is an exchange of information and ideas. So as a leader within an organization, as important as what you’re saying in terms of information or ideas that you’re conveying to your subordinates, what’s more important is what you’re listening to and that you’re hearing those subordinates in the information and ideas they’re presenting.

You’ll be surprised at some of the people within your organization, the great ideas and great information they will provide you. The other thing is a voice that knows that they’re going to be heard and actioned upon is a voice that’s going to be loyal to the organization and the leader that’s in charge of that. You want to have a high performing organization that can get to the band of excellence, practice effective communication.

Have a great week, everybody! Boom!

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