Mind on Your Money:
2020 Taxes and VA Home Loans

The VFW #StillServing Podcast with Special Guests of Veterans Lending Group talk 2020 Taxes and VA Home Loans.

What is the #StillServing: The VFW Podcast?

#StillServing is a new show for veterans, by veterans. The VFW is in the midst of a paradigm shift and it’s an exciting time to be a part of this transformational change within our organization. As our newest communication platform, #StillServing: The VFW Podcast will highlight critical issues, challenges and legislation affecting veterans, service members and military families worldwide. Join us as we chat with congressional leadership, Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs senior officials, and everyday veterans as we tackle tough issues affecting our military veteran community.

#StillServing Episode 10 Featuring: Karen Connelly (IRS Spokesperson) | Brooke Villano (National Director of Veterans Lending Group) | David Carter (National Director of Education, Veterans Lending Group) | Ron O’Ferrall (VA Home Loan Specialist, Veterans Lending Group)

Spring means tax time and for many veterans and military members, our minds are on our finances. 2020 brought the coronavirus, economic impact payments, job transitions, and for some, unemployment. All of these things can complicate filing your taxes. And, if you are planning to become a new homeowner or move this season, a VA home loan is designed specifically with the needs of veterans in mind.

During this episode of the Still Serving Podcast, Host Rob Couture speaks with IRS Spokesperson, Karen Connelly about the updates and information veterans need to know for filing 2020 taxes. And, from Veterans Lending Group, National Director of Veterans Lending Group, Brooke Villano, National Director of Education, Retired Force Master Chief, David Carter, and VA Home Loan Specialist, U.S. Army Ranger Veteran, Ron O’Ferrall join the show. The team offers helpful home buying tips, do’s and don’ts when considering mortgage financing, and common misconceptions about the VA home loan benefit.

 IRS Spokesperson, Karen Connelly

  • Changes in the Federal Tax Code for filing 2020 taxes. [4:13]

  • Tax resources and assistance for veterans and military members. [6:35]

  • Beware of scammers calling for your personal information. [10:00]

  • Tips for filing: State taxes, changes in unemployment tax, and identity theft. [11:41]

  • Tax Information for military retirees who received a deferment in 2020. [18:02]

  • The quickest way to receive your income tax refund. [20:16]

Veterans Lending Group: Brooke Villano, David Carter, and Ron O’Ferrall

  • National Director Brooke Villano describes why the Veterans Lending Group was created, its purpose, and who it serves. [24:17]
  • National Director of Education David Carter explains how his team disseminates information to veterans, service members, and their families. [26:43]
  • VA Home Loan Specialist Ron O’Ferrall and Brooke describe the mission of the Veterans Lending Group. [29:55]
  • Dispelling common myths of VA lending and best practices for making sound financial decisions. [37:21]
  • David shares his personal journey of financing his home mortgage and working with the Veterans Lending Group. [44:57]
  • Working with a VA Home Loan Specialist offers the best home buying experience for military families. [50:04]
  • Ron shares fast facts about the benefits of VA home loans. [57:19]
  • The Ron and John Show is the official podcast of Veterans Lending Group. [1:01:05]
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