Military Spouse-Owned Business Spotlight: Camille Deal, Moss & Pine, & Homegrown Happiness

Military Spouse-Owned Business Spotlight: Camille Deal, Homegrown Happiness & Moss & Pine

Military Spouse-Owned Business Spotlight: Camille Deal, Homegrown Happiness, & Moss & Pine

Camille Deal: Owner of Homegrown Happiness & moss & Pine

Camille Deal

After her life unexpectedly opened a new chapter as a Military Spouse, Camille Deal never imagined just how important the community would become to her. Camille has 4 years under her belt as an Active-Duty wife to a Soldier in the Army 1st Ranger Battalion. Because of this experience, Camille realizes the true beauty in being a Military Spouse entrepreneur. Above all, the support of the tight-knit Military community cannot be matched. 

Camille describes her entrepreneurial journey overall as being one full of creative ideas and wishing. She was wishing there was more time in a day. Wishing she had more arms to work with. Wishing that ideas always came to fruition. Camille has always been a busy woman. Throughout college, she juggled working for multiple family-owned businesses.

When the Military moved them down to Georgia and put her small business on hold, she felt lost. As a result, she stepped back into the corporate community in an attempt to fill the void. However, it never felt fulfilling. Particularly because the entrepreneurial world practically screamed her name.

Starting Homegrown Happiness

Homegrown Happiness Logo

Camille felt comfortable starting her own company because she was familiar with the ins and outs of small businesses. At least, that’s what she thought. It finally hit her that she hadn’t explored the pathway right in front of her- writing. She worried what others would think about her journey as a public writer, or as most call a ‘blogger’. However, it didn’t take long for her to decide to move forward with her idea, and Homegrown Happiness was born.

She said the name Homegrown Happiness came from her favorite quote:

“If you want to change the world, then go home and love your family”.

Mother Teresa

Growing Homegrown Happiness

Meanwhile, her blog became a stress reliever and an income source while staying home with her son. She started sharing stories of motherhood mixed with her experiences as a Military Spouse. Her community loved it! Camille’s blog landed her an incredible volunteer position with a Military non-profit. It also landed her a second work-from-home job managing social media platforms for businesses around the country. It was all thanks to the fact that her community stood behind her and shared her articles and website.

“When you’re lucky enough to be involved in a tight-knit military community, they support you like they’ve known you your entire life.”

Camille Deal, Owner of Homegrown Happiness & Moss & Pine

Branching Out

People she had never met were connecting with her to praise the articles she had written about her life as a Military Spouse. The support encouraged her to look back on her previous wildflower ideas and push forward with a second business. In early 2021 Camille started the plans for Moss and Pine, a sister company to Homegrown Happiness. Homegrown Happiness would continue to provide insight into being in the Military community and starting a business. Moss and Pine would allow Camille to showcase more of her creative side.

Moss & Pine Launch

Land of the Free tea towel from Moss & Pine, featured in MilSoBox.
Land of the Free tea towel from Moss & Pine, featured in MilSoBox.
Moss & Pine Logo

Camille is looking to finish her second website soon and have an official launch for Moss and Pine. While she admits that juggling motherhood and military entrepreneurship can be overwhelming, the community support makes it all worth it.

Camille recently had one of her creations featured in the July subscription box of another Military Veteran/Spouse-owned business, MilSOBox. Her festive “Land of the Free” tea towel to decorate for the 4th of July is pictured here.

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