VA LOAN LIMITS and the Conforming County Loan Limits are going up!


Effective since January 1, 2022, VA Loan Limits and Conforming Loan Limits have been increased across the board. The limit for last year, 2021, was $548,250. For 2022, the limit has increased up to $647,200*, which is almost $100,000 more than 2021! There are other high-cost areas around the country, so make sure to check your specific area below.

If you currently have a VA Loan, the increase gives you more entitlement to use for your VA Home Loan Benefit. For instance, if you have a $450,000 VA Loan right now, with the increase in County Loan Limits, you will now have access to another $197,200 of your VA Loan Entitlement. This could be used for refinancing or for re-using your VA Loan for another home purchase.

If you have NOT used your VA Home Loan Benefit before OR if you have used it and paid it off, the Conforming County Loan Limit does not apply to you, meaning you DO NOT have a VA Loan Limit! You could purchase a $2 million home for zero down with the VA JUMBO Loan! (This change was released with implementation of the Blue Water Navy Bill).

Check your eligibility and loans limits today!