VA Construction Loan | What You Need To Know

VA One-Time Close Construction Loan

The most common question we get at Veterans Lending Group is this: Can I buy land AND build a home using my VA Home Loan Benefit? The answer is YES, you can! This is called the “VA One-Time Close Construction Loan”. How this works, is first you find the land, and then you find a builder. As a mortgage company, we have to validate your builder. We have to make sure that your builder has a good reputation; that they pay their bills on time, pay their contractors, etc. We do this so that we can be confident your house will be completed properly and on time!

Only 0-5% Down for a VA Construction Loan!

Some of the benefits of this program are you do NOT have to put 20% to 30% down like you normally would on a land loan or vacant land loan. With a VA Construction Loan, you only have to put 0-5% down based on the total acquisition. That means that if your land is $100,000 and your construction is $400,000 (there are some fees, interest payments & other things included) then you ONLY have to pay 0-5% down on the total balance!

Minimum 640 Credit Score

While it’s true that the VA has no minimum credit score when using your VA Loan, you must have a 640 credit score to use the VA One-Time Close Construction Loan.

No Payments During Construction!

Since it’s only one loan, you don’t pay two sets of closing costs like you normally would on a custom construction, and the BIGGEST BENEFIT is this: you do NOT have to make payments during construction, on a construction loan!  Those are rolled into the loan later on, so no payments during construction.

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