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Conforming Loan Limits increased on January 1, 2023. Find out what this means for you!

2023 BAH Rates

BAH Rates have increased for 2023. Learn how to look up your rates and how to use your BAH to purchase a home!

Homebuying 101: Buy a Home in 6 Steps

The ultimate guide to Homebuying with your VA Loan.

VA Construction Loan

Everything you need to know about the VA Construction Loan.

VA LOAN LIMITS and the Conforming County Loan Limits are going up! Effective since January 1, 2022, VA Loan Limits and Conforming Loan Limits have been increased across the board. The limit for last year, 2021, was $548,250. For 2022, the limit has increased up to $647,200*, which is almost $100,000 more than 2021! There …

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3 TIPS TO JUMP START A PCS WITH KIDS For some of us older gals, PCS steps into our lives like a welcome old friend. When it shows up at our door, unannounced and arms wide open, it doesn’t matter that our house is a mess. Did we leave one of yesterday’s penciled eyebrows on …

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VLG Veteran-Owned Business Spotlight: Salute Apparel

Idaho veteran-owned business stats: About 123,000 Veterans reside in Idaho and close to 13,000 Veteran-Owned Businesses make up Idaho’s business population. A local Boise, Idaho Veteran-owned business, Salute Apparel, is located roughly 10 minutes from Veterans Lending Group’s newest branch office! They have been our exclusive employee apparel retail provider since November 2020. About the …

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#VLGMovesYou: PCS 101

#VLGMOVESYOU: PCS 101 About 60% of Veterans Lending Group employees are Veterans and/or Military Spouses; many have completed a PCS move 5 times. Below, we will share with you our best tips and tricks for a successful homebuying and PCS journey! For those who may not be familiar: PCS is the Permanent Change of Station; …

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Our community is helping reduce the stigma over the war against mental health. Due to this, we shine light on the topic of PTSD that affects more than just our country’s Veterans. What is PTSD? The U.S. Senate marked June 27th as National PTSD Awareness Day, and The National Center for PTSD has claimed June …

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Veterans Lending Group is proud to feature the Military Spouse Owned Business Marketplace, Spouse-ly! We look forward to sharing more Business Spotlight stories with you soon. Make sure to check out Veterans Lending Group’s Service Provider Page on the Spouse-ly website! Meet Spouse-ly’s Founder & CEO, Monica Fullerton: Military life often requires wearing lots of …

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VLG Military Spouses 2021

“PERHAPS THE ONLY THING AS DIFFICULT AS BEING A MILITARY MEMBER IS LOVING ONE.” Patience is waiting. Not Passively Waiting. That is Laziness. But to keep going when the going is hard and slow– THAT is patience. -Anonymous || Photo Credit: Leslie & Cameron Watts The Service Member Is Not the Only One Serving: Their …

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Mind on Your Money: 2020 Taxes and VA Home Loans. Episode 10 #STILL SERVING VFW Podcast with Veterans Lending Group

“WE ARE STRONG, WE ARE BRAVE, WE ARE RESILIENT.” April: Month of the Military Child 2021 April is a time to honor the service of the dependent children of one or both parents in uniform serving at home and overseas. The Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger was responsible for establishing April As The Month Of The Military …

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The Medal of Honor was first authorized in 1861 for Sailors and Marines, but is now all inclusive for Soldiers, Airmen, Space Force Guardians and Coast Guardsmen. It is the nation’s highest medal that can be awarded to members of the armed forces for valor in combat and although it is presented “in the name of the United States Congress”, …