Brooke Villano

About Me

Brooke Villano is the National Director of VA Lending, and passionate team leader. A mom of three dynamic children, daughter of a former Marine Corps Pilot and the wife of Mike Villano (National Director of Sales), Brooke’s mission is to guide her team in making a difference every single day. Not only is her group a highly qualified team of VA mortgage loan specialists, they are Veteran educators, community leaders, military service members and family of military service members. Through their volunteerism, education and countless hours of work, they live the words many others speak.

my team


Danielle Heitner

Loan Officer Assistant


Jayson Lasker

Loan Officer Assistant


Lauren Dorsey

VA Lending Night Vision Coordinator


Becca Roling

Transaction Coordinator Trainer
Spouse (U.S. Air Force)


Amy James

Branch Operations Manager


Courtney Thibodeaux

Executive Administrative Assistant