253-268-0371 (office)
 14205 Meridian E, Puyallup, WA 98373

Jaime has spent her entire career working in financial service industries. First beginning in personal banking, then progressing into title & escrow, and finally into retail mortgage loans.
Jaime is the kind of team member that strengthens, improves, and even challenges those around her to perform at a higher standard than they previously thought possible. She makes quick work of the most challenging tasks and if anyone has a problem, she either has the answer already or can quickly and efficiently find it. She is exactly what Veterans Lending Group looks for in the ideal team member.
Jaime has spent the majority of her life in Puyallup and she enjoys her time off with her husband and children. They like to travel as often as possible from Eastern Washington, Arizona, and Hawaii. She loves her dog, Teddy, tolerates her husband’s cat, Smush, and has to pretend the kids don’t bring in lizards and snakes from the yard each spring and summer.