Wes King

About Me

Born and raised in Western Washington, I lucked out when I was stationed at Fort Lewis with the 2nd Ranger Battalion. After 7 years and 7 deployments with the Rangers, I attended Central Washington University and received my degree in Recreation Management with the goal of being a real life Ron Swanson. Life happened and I found myself in the world of Marketing and Advertising. After a brief stint working for Boeing Defense’s advertising team, I found that my job left me unfulfilled. After jumping from job to job, I fell into VA Education. I made a mistake after ETSing the Army strictly due to my lack of education. I purchased a house as a 21 year of Sergeant with the plan to be in the Army forever. Again, Life happened and after separating from the Rangers, I no longer had an income to support my house as a college student. I was under the impression that a home under a VA home loan contract wasn’t allowed to be rented. I was wrong. So instead of having a rental property, I was forced to Short Sell my house. I am here to prevent someone else making the same mistake I did.

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