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TExt a VA Lender!

Our VA Home Loan Specialists are standing by to answer any questions you have. This is a 100% free, no-obligation service that we provide to the Military community.

What's the catch?

There is none! You can simply ask your question and we’ll send you a timely answer. If you want to move forward with one of our Loan Officers after getting your questions answered–great! But we understand if that isn’t the path for you at this time.

Why are we doing this?

  • As VA Home Loan Specialists, we know there’s a lot of misinformation out there about the VA home loan.
  • Many of our employees are Veterans, Military Spouses, or family of those who serve.
  • We want to make ourselves available as subject matter experts to help clear up any myths and misconceptions.

What Makes a VA Home Loan Specialist?

At Veterans Lending Group we’re not just VA Home Loan Specialists–we are educators, community leaders, Military Service Members or family of those who serve. We are committed to serving, supporting, and educating Military families.

Deployments, PCS’ing, ETS’ing–our employees truly understand the unique position you’re in. Many of our employees are Veterans, Military Spouses, or family of those who serve. They understand the unique hurdles you’re facing and can guide you through the homebuying process!

VA Home Loan Bootcamps were created by the members of Veterans Lending Group to educate our Military and Veteran communities about their VA Home Loan Benefit. We saw an educational void, so we hired and trained Veterans to fill that void.  We hire Veterans. We train Veterans. We teach Veterans.

We mentor real estate agents that are new to the real estate industry, and train them to be experts on the VA home loan process. We believe that by making this investment in our real estate agents we are making an investment in all our future deals. An educated real estate agent is crucial to ensure that the home buying process is smooth and stress free for all of our VA clients.
Our success is rooted in our commitment to the Military community, and our statistics reflect that. Our foundation is based on effective communication, teamwork, and empowered decision making. We are constantly looking for new ways to drive operational efficiency and branch performance. At the end of the day our primary goal is to serve more members of the Military community.

Have a question?