Jeff Schmidlkofer

Jeff Schmidlkofer


I was born on August 13th, 1976 the year of the dragon (Chinese Zodiac). I have lived in Olympia, WA a majority of my life with small stints in other areas of WA and one stint in Palmdale, CA. I am married to my amazing wife Tami and have been with her for the past 17 years, we will be going into our 14th year of marriage. We met at a Hollywood Video store. I am the second of the 4 children my parents had, yes I do have a middle child complex which is worse due to the fact I have older brother first born, a younger sister (only girl in the family), and younger brother the baby. I am fortunate to have both my parents still living and providing guidance when there is still a need. My parents Mike & Pat are retired from working for the State of WA after 30 plus years. I am made up of a great mix of German, Hawaiian, Portuguese, Chinese, French Canadian, and Norwegian. I care a great deal for my family and my extended family (Hawaiian way is friends are considered family). 

I have worked a majority of my career in retail, banking, and now mortgage (3 years). I am very operations minded which is one of the reasons I decided to make a switch from where I was initially working at as a Loan Officer Assistant to joining Veterans Lending Group as a processor. One of the added benefits of working for this group is the ability to provide something back to our service members and their families. My father was in the Navy during the Vietnam War which I am very proud of, the fact he served our country. I have never served but, always have and will respect those who do.
Things I enjoy are time with my wife, family, and friends. My wife and I enjoy watching movies and getting outside and just enjoying the sun when it is available. We enjoy cooking for our families as well as ourselves.

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