Ryan Valenzuela

About Me

Born and raised on the south side of Chicago, I am the proud daughter of a Marine-turned-career firefighter who went on to become the cornerstone of our local American Legion. My mother filled my childhood with faith, music, books, creativity, and laughter. True and selfless patriots, I am blessed to be theirs.

At 21, I married my high school sweetheart and embraced life as a military spouse. Our adventures took us to Germany and coast-to-coast stateside. Along the way, friends became family, we brought our eight-year-old daughter into the world, and we found strength in struggle.

Over the past 14-years, I have endured 18 of my husband’s deployments. With each passing tour, I found value in humility, grace under fire, and creating my own joy. A recent college graduate, I am ecstatic to be joining the VLG family and to serve a community so dear to me. I lift. I write. I collect antiques. And once in a blue-blue moon, I wash, dry, AND put away the laundry all in one day.