January 11, 2017
SHOULD I BUY OR RENT? Deciding whether to buy or rent can be difficult. Your lifestyle, financial situation and long-term plans should all factor in t
January 25, 2017
WHAT IS A VA HOME LOAN? The VA home loan is a loan provided by a participating lender like Veterans Lending Group and is guaranteed by the U.S. Depa
February 8, 2017
STARTING THE LOAN PROCESS By now, you’ve obtained your lender, you’ve gotten pre-approved, and you’ve found your dream home. It is time to start
February 22, 2017
DOS & DON’TS OF THE LOAN PROCESS Whether buying a new home, or refinancing your existing home, the loan process is vitally important. Beyond
March 8, 2017
HOW TO IMPROVE CREDIT Just like anything else in life, credit is a Catch-22. Huh? Yeah that’s right, if you have bad credit you end up paying more i
March 22, 2017
Escrow and equity? LTV and DTI? Pre-qualification and pre-approval? What’s it all mean? Get the answers to your questions here with our mortgage ter