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If you are a Service Member, Veteran, or Military Spouse, this VA Homebuyer Toolkit is for you! We cover the ins and outs of using the VA Home Loan benefit, and go through the homebuying process step-by-step. Best part? It’s 100% free!

Free VA Homebuyer Guide Topics:

There are several VA Home Loan programs you can take advantage of with the VA Home Loan benefit. We’ll help you determine which one fits you!

Credit shows us how you manage your debts. Higher credit scores represent lower credit risks, which typically equate to better loan terms. In general, credit scores are critical in the mortgage loan underwriting process.

The pre-approval process is more thorough than pre-qualification. Pre-approval puts you in a stronger position to close earlier and negotiate a better price.

Buying your first home is a big investment and can be confusing at times. We’re here to make the process less intimidating and more understandable.

The VA appraisal is an assessment of the property’s value and condition. This is where the VA sends an independent VA Appraiser out to the home, to inspect the property. The appraisal inspection is looking for safety concerns, or issues with the condition of the property.

When your loan has been fully approved, we call that Cleared to Close or CTC. This is a celebration!! This means that your loan is ready for final closing documents to be sent to escrow. Once your documents are emailed to Escrow, or the Attorney’s office, they will be contacting you to schedule a signing appointment and to let you know how much money you to need to bring to the closing table.
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Print & Build your Own PCS Binder!

  • Building a PCS Binder Guide
  • PCS Checklist
  • Binder Dividers
  • Household Organizer
The PCS binder dividers are printed and laid out on a table.

Free Printable Checklists Included!

  • Pre-Approval Checklist
  • Dream Home Checklist
  • House Hunt Tracker
  • Monthly Budget Sheet
  • PCS Checklist
  • Building a PCS Binder
  • Household Organizer
The checklists are printed and laid out on a table.

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Becky St. Clair
Becky St. Clair
Military Spouse (U.S. Army)
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There is never a moment that goes by that I am not eternally grateful for Veterans Lending Group. Back in 2018 we struggled finding a Realtor and mortgage lender that truly understood the VA home loan process and the difficulties that may arise trying to purchase a home while still stationed out of state and a husband that was in the midst of deploying for 5-6 months. After many failed attempts meeting new lenders and realtors, we finally came across Mike Villano and his outstanding team! Their main focus was leading us through education and ensuring all our questions were answered even after hours with our crazy work schedule.

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