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Entrepreneurial in spirit, Veterans Lending Group serves our customers with a high-energy team of professionals who bring a deep experience in their specific expertise and a passion for the business of mortgage lending.
Veterans Lending Group was able to approve as for more than we originally thought and we closed on our first home in under 30 days. Veterans Lending Group as a whole left such an unforgettable impression on me that I decided to do a huge career shift from aerospace to the mortgage industry 3 months after closing on our home. It is such an honor to be a part of a team that brings such joy to others and does everything they can to better the community around us!
Becky Gonzalez smiling on an outdoors background.
Becky Gonzalez
Regional Human Resources Manager, Military Spouse (U.S. Army)

We play hard. We work harder.

Our foundation is based on effective communication, teamwork, and empowered decision making. We are constantly looking for new ways to drive operational efficiency and branch performance. At the end of the day our primary goal is to serve more members of the Military community.
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Our Employee Stories

Tony Dayton | Loan Officer | U.S. Army Veteran

Former Client

Fresh out of a PTSD treatment one thing was certain: after returning from Iraq and being homeless for 7 years off and on I was tired. I was finally service connected and had a long road of healing and treatment ahead of me. I knew that I wanted to take my resourcefulness and put it to good use. I had managed to survive this long–it had to count for something. So I began advocating for Veterans. Not long after putting the pieces back together I was ready to grow. I started to pursue the American Dream of owning a home. That dream was constantly shut down in my search. After being referred to a mortgage lender that claimed to serve Veterans, I was asked if I was suicidal because of my old debts. I thought I was lost. But then an Army Ranger, Ron O’Ferrall, swooped in with the same passion of serving Veterans as me. We met at a networking meeting for helping Veterans. I told him that I was living in transitional housing because I couldn’t find a place to rent. I explained that my ultimate dream was to own a home. My income was solid, but my financial history would take a while to put behind me. He looked at my documents and put me on a plan for success. I figured it would be easy to stick to the plan, since I was already good at following orders. 6 months after meeting Ron I began my home search with a pre-approval letter. My life had turned around and was becoming a success story. I didn’t realize that this was just the beginning. I purchased my home through Veterans Lending Group and got married not long after. I was finally able to solidify a life worth living, so I embarked on a new journey. I started receiving postcards in the mail from different companies, telling me to refinance my loan. I put in a call to Mike Villano about refinancing my house and in that moment I learned what kind of a company Veterans Lending Group was. He told me not to listen to all of the spam mail I was receiving about refinancing, because refinancing wouldn’t be beneficial to me at that time. A couple days later I saw a video that Mike posted on Facebook about hiring new loan officers at Veterans Lending Group. I thought maybe this was something I could do. I sat down with Mike and he honestly tried to talk me out of becoming a Loan Officer. He outlined how demanding the position could be. He said you always have to be on call and available to work with Veterans. In my mind I thought that’s too easy–I was already doing that. After consideration, I joined the Veterans Lending Group team as a Loan Officer. With Mike’s help I am becoming more successful than my mind could ever fathom. The team he put me with built me up and became my family. I see the vision Veterans Lending Group has and I intend to be a part of it for a long time! There has been a whole village of people helping me get to where I am today. Be the next success story. Ask me how!
Angel Stratton is smiling against a neutral background.

Angel Stratton | Loan Officer Assistant | Military Spouse

Former Client

I have spent some time over the last couple days thinking about 2019 and all it brought for me and my family. Naturally, I started thinking about what 2020 will bring. It was very clear to me that Veterans Lending Group was a huge part of last year and I foresee VLG will be a big part of 2020 for me. In 2019, VLG helped my family in the process of buying our home. We utilized my husband’s VA home loan benefit to accomplish this, and VLG guided us through the process. VLG then hired me to join their amazing team. This in turn has started me in a career that I love, working with an amazing team of people, at a company that I have so much pride for.  During this process of learning VLG has been amazing, providing me with lots of encouragement and support. I can’t thank VLG enough. I am very much looking forward to how I can grow in my role, be extremely successful and be part of this rapidly growing and successful company in 2020.

Download Our VLG Culture Book!