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Our Quick Guide To

Purchasing a Home

Buying a home is a big investment! Make sure you take advantage of every resource and benefit at your disposal.

Step 1


ALWAYS start with a Pre-Approval to understand your budget and loan eligibility. This provides a review of your financials – income, debts, credit score – essential for a clear borrowing picture.

Find a Loan Officer

Engage a competent Loan Officer early to navigate the pre-approval process effectively and efficiently.

Financial Documentation Review

Submit essential financial documents, like income verification and debt records, for a comprehensive lender evaluation.

Pre-Approval Letter

Acquire a pre-approval letter to establish your borrowing capacity, enhancing your credibility with home sellers.

VA Loan House Hunting Checklist

Create a checklist including key home features and neighborhood preferences to guide your search in line with VA loan criteria.

Choosing a VA Real Estate Agent

Select a real estate agent experienced in VA loans to navigate the home-buying process, including VA appraisals and negotiations.

Financial Preparation for VA Home Buyers

Focus on your financial health and awareness of potential costs, such as closing fees and inspections, crucial for VA home buyers.

Step 2

House Hunting

Kickstart your search by clearly defining what you’re looking for in a home. Focus on location, size, and essential features that cater to your lifestyle. This clarity will streamline your search, making it more targeted and effective.

Step 3


Once pre-approved, the processing stage begins. This phase involves verifying your financial documents and property details. It’s a detailed assessment, ensuring everything aligns with VA loan requirements. This step is crucial for final loan approval.

Preparing Documents for VA Loan Approval

Organize documents for your VA loan. Include income proof, military service records, and credit information. Proper documentation speeds up the approval process, getting you closer to your new home.

Navigating the VA Loan Appraisal Process

The VA loan appraisal is vital for loan approval. It assesses property value and condition, ensuring it meets VA guidelines. Understanding this process helps in selecting a suitable home and expediting loan approval.

Streamlining the VA Loan Underwriting Process

Underwriting in VA loans assesses your finances for loan suitability. Ensuring your documentation is accurate and complete can expedite this process, smoothing your path to approval.

VA Loan Credit Requirements

Credit scores play a vital role in VA loan approval. While VA loans offer flexibility for various credit levels, a healthier credit score can aid significantly in the process.

Debt-to-Income Ratio in VA Loan Approval

The debt-to-income ratio is a key factor for VA loan approval. It helps lenders assess if you can manage mortgage payments effectively along with your existing debts.

Employment and Income Verification for VA Loans

Stable income is essential for VA loan approval. Lenders verify income sources to ensure consistent and reliable earnings, ensuring your capability to repay the loan.

Step 4

Loan Approval

Loan approval in the VA process indicates your application meets all criteria. It’s a significant step, confirming your readiness for homeownership. This stage, essential for finalizing your home purchase, leverages the benefits of a VA loan, like favorable terms and conditions.

Step 5


Closing on your VA loan marks the final and exciting step of your home-buying journey. This is when you sign all necessary closing documents, handle any final fees, and officially become the homeowner.

VA Loan Closing Timeline

The VA loan closing process typically takes 30 to 45 days after loan approval. This timeframe is important for buyers to plan their move and finalize any necessary arrangements for their new home.

Closing Costs for VA Loans

VA loans feature unique closing costs, which may include the VA funding fee and other specific fees. These costs are different from conventional loans, offering potential savings for VA borrowers.

Final Steps in VA Loan Closing

Final steps in closing a VA loan involve reviewing the Closing Disclosure, completing a final property walkthrough, and signing necessary documents on closing day to finalize the home purchase.

Moving Day Checklist

Moving day is an exciting time, but it can also be hectic. To ensure a smooth transition to your new home, consider making a checklist.

Moving Day Tips

Seek advice from friends and family for essential moving day tips, and don't forget to search the web for additional insights.

New Home Address Change

Update your address with relevant institutions, including the post office, banks, and subscriptions.

Step 6

Moving Day!

Moving Day is the exciting culmination of your VA loan journey. It’s the day you officially take possession of your new home. As you move in, you’ll experience the joy of turning your house into a home. It’s a time for new beginnings, creating memories, and embracing the benefits of your VA loan.

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