A Quick Guide

Purchase A Home

Buying a home is a big investment!

A Quick Guide

Purchase A Home

Buying your home can be confusing at times. We’re here to make the purchase process less intimidating and more understandable.

Purchase a Home in 5 Steps

1. Pre-Approval

Complete loan application and provide documentation to your loan officer. We will pre-approve you within 24 hours if all required info is provided. There is no charge or obligation to be pre-approved.

2. House Hunting

Find a real estate agent that specializes in VA home loans, or we can connect you to one. Then find a house, make an offer, & have your offer accepted.

3. Processing

Receive and sign disclosures. Discuss rate lock options with your loan officer. Your VA home loan is sent to a processor. An appraisal is ordered. Loan is submitted to underwriting for initial loan approval.

4. Loan Approval

Loan is approved. Give processor requested approval conditions. Underwriter reviews approval conditions and issues final loan approval.

5. Closing

Sign your closing disclosures & wait 3 days, then sign your final loan documents at escrow/attorney’s office.

Moving Day!

Your VA home loan closes and you can pick up your keys! Congratulations!